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Sicily Hilltops…..Scicli Version

Ever since we arrived in Scicli, our eyes have been drawn up to the church located right behind our apartment…..on top of a high, high hill.  Early one morning, before the impossible heat set in, we decided to explore. It was an uphill climb, fascinating and silent in the early morning, and along the way […]

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Scicli Sightings………I Sposi

Everyone loves a wedding, but in a small sicilian town like Scicli a marriage is much more than just a union between two lovers… holds promise for the future, hope that a new family will take root here and continue on with a traditional framework for modern life. We knew something important was about to […]

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Florence: Village Dog Show

Florence is not just a world-class tourist destination because of its art and history.  It’s also just home to some of us and the neighborhoods (called Quartieres) each have their own personality and identity accompanied by a strong sense of community.   Our neighborhood is Porta Romana and we all love the spring street fair […]

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Hidden Treasures of Florence

We had the chance to see one of Florence’s hidden treasures today.  There’s an organisation in Italy, FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), whose mission is to protect and restore art, monuments and parks in their original locations, each of which reflect milestones of Italian history and identity.  Each spring for two days, the organisation arranges visits […]

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