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Retirement? Or On The Road Again……….

June 30, 2016 We are about to leave our Florentine home of 13 years behind us as we set off for a new adventure. First, a month in Sicily. Not touring. Just staying put in one place….a small town, not a beach town (which in July is a very crowded place to be)….but a beautiful […]

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Florence…..Ready, Set, Go

That’s how I felt as I struggled to find my camera in time to catch this series of shots that illustrate the intricacies of gardening, Florence-style. These little Ape (ahh-pee) trucks are everywhere in Italy and for good reason.  They provide transport on narrow city streets and they are very economical to run.  This is a […]

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Florence Surprises…….

How’s this for a Florence surprise?  Walking down a narrow old street (via della Chiesa) in the Oltrano, we noticed a marble plaque above a doorway.  Wow.  We stood in awe for a moment after we read its message. I mean, it doesn’t look like a prestigious address, does it?  And yet, as the plaque […]

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Once a Yankee, Always a Yankee…..

Aside from being the name of an iconic New York baseball team, on the world stage the term “Yankee” applies to all Americans.  Although the origin of the word is disputed, it remains widely acknowledged as a term that relates to northerners, specifically northeasterners in the United States.  Yankees have a reputation for being independent, intrepid […]

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