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Some Thoughts on the Sicily We Love……..

Sicily warmed my heart, not just my body.  And months after being there I am still drawn back in every way….emotionally first, but also mentally and even physically.  It takes no more than a photo or an aroma or a fleeting memory to yank me right out of wherever I am and send me back […]

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The Lure of the Beach in Sicily……..

Italians love, love, love their beaches and with good reason.   They are designed to offer pure pleasure in many ways.  It’s true that purists can still find pristine and unpopulated shores where they can commune with the gods of nature, sun and surf.  But by far the beaches that are most popular are the […]

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Everyday Sicily………The Events.

For us, a true travel pleasure is to go to a place we want to visit, find a comfortable accommodation, stay there for the whole of our allotted time and just take in the life that is going on all around us. It’s one of the easiest and perhaps most meaningful way in which we […]

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Noto, City of Sicilian Baroque

A cloudy and windy day in southern Sicily does not bode well for beach-going.  It is perfect though for a visit to Noto, Sicilian Baroque at its most outrageous. From the minute you walk through the Porta Ferdinandea, you’re strolling through history.  For sure, there are too many tourist venues pandering gadgets and flags and […]

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