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What we saw today……..

Everyday Aix. January 21, 2014…..Aix-en-Provence, France.   Remarkable sculptures frame the entrance to the Tribunal of Commerce on Aix’s main street……but they are largely ignored as life goes on around them.  Makes me question how many wonders there are in my everyday life that go unnoticed.  I’d like to think that after this sabbatical trip […]

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What We Saw Today….

EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD HAS ONE…… Paris, December 30, 2013.  A cast model in the City of Architecture and Heritage museum, this sculpture graces a church wall and brings a distinctly human touch to the religious experience.  

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What We Saw Today……….

CHECKING FOR MESSAGES? Paris, December 30, 2013.   These slightly-smaller-than-lifesize statues claim center stage in one room of a wonderful Paris museum…..the City of Architecture and Heritage…….which features hundreds of cast models from famous architectural monuments throughout France.  But honestly, the posture is uniquely modern, isn’t it?   Just folks checking their portable devices……..  

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Parisian Dusk….say goodbye to winter blues

Paris in winter is not like Paris in springtime.   Just in case you thought it would always be springtime in Paris.   The sun rises later, it gets dark earlier, it’s rainy and the rain is cold.  Perhaps because of all the beautiful stone in the bridges, sidewalks and buildings, it’s a pretty gray […]

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