Some Thoughts on the Sicily We Love……..

Sicily warmed my heart, not just my body.  And months after being there I am still drawn back in every way….emotionally first, but also mentally and even physically.  It takes no more than a photo or an aroma or a fleeting memory to yank me right out of wherever I am and send me back […]

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Everyday Sicily………The Events.

For us, a true travel pleasure is to go to a place we want to visit, find a comfortable accommodation, stay there for the whole of our allotted time and just take in the life that is going on all around us. It’s one of the easiest and perhaps most meaningful way in which we […]

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Scicli to Siracusa…..the Birthday Trip

Lucky Russ has a birthday in July so we are usually free to have a birthday trip.  This July, since we are already in Sicily, he wanted to visit Ortygia (the little peninsula at the end of Siracusa).  Only fitting, don’t you think, for a retired math teacher to visit the birthplace of Archimedes.  So, […]

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Sicily Hilltops…..Scicli Version

Ever since we arrived in Scicli, our eyes have been drawn up to the church located right behind our apartment…..on top of a high, high hill.  Early one morning, before the impossible heat set in, we decided to explore. It was an uphill climb, fascinating and silent in the early morning, and along the way […]

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